Salsa Latina Istriana

March 23th – 35th 2018

Dance event / Free workshops

Pula, Dom hrvatskih branitelja, Leharova 1

12th free dance workshop “Salsa Latina Istriana” is a project in order to promote salsa and other caribbean dances with small steps, and that salsa becomes part of our lives.
Get ready for the parties with show performances of the instructors and the other guests with 3 days of FREE dance workshops, where you will be dancing all styles of salsa (New York Style on 2, LA Style on 1, Puertorico Style on 1, Cuban Style), kizomba, semba, bachata, cha cha, argentine tango and other dances.
Dance weekend full of fun is intended for all beginners, but also for longtime dancers, and for that will take care known national and international dance instructors.

Brijuni Marathon

March 13th 2016

Runing race

National park Brijuni – Brioni

Route 14 km
Route 42 km
Relay 3×14

Medulin Easer Race

March 24th 2016

Running race




Kamenjak Rocky Trails
April 2nd – 3rd 2016
Cycling festival
Premantura, Kamenjak

The adrenaline race is divided into two parts. The first part, the XCO (MTB Cross-Country Olympic) takes place on Saturday and the XCM (MTB Cross-Country Marathon) takes place on the following day, Sunday. It starts in Premantura and works its way through the entire Lower and Upper Kamenjak.
The Medulin region and its breath-taking landscape, together with numerous opportunities for outdoor activities, make it an attractive year-round sports tourism destination.

South on Two Wheels
April 16th 2016
Recreational cycling ride

The South Istria tourist boards (Pula, Vodnjan, Medulin, Fažana, Ližnjan, Marčana and Barban) are organising 6 cycling tours with the aim of popularising cycling and presenting bike trails in the south of Istria.

The tours are suitable for participants of all ages. We invite entire families to join us. Individual routes are between 20 and 25 km long and are not technically demanding.

South on two wheels 2016:
16.04. Medulin
30.04. Fažana
21.05. Vodnjan
18.06. Ližnjan
17.09. Marčana/Barban
02.10. Pula

Road Race Medulin Riviera
April 24 2016
Running race


Festival Visualia 2016
May 12th – 14th 2016
4th Lighting design festival and 3D mapping festival
Pula, Forum

This festival of audio-visual art attracts great attention foremost because of its unusual theme. New technologies present and promote novel and less known visual expressions, such as 3D Projection Mapping on historical buildings, lighting designs, and light exhibitions, performances and installations.

Most of the 3D Projection Mapping takes place at the Forum in Pula in the late evening hours.


Pula Superiorum
June 9th – 12th 2016
15th days of antiquity
Pula, Arena, Forum, Portarata, Kino Valli

Pula once again organizes the Days of Antiquity for all its visitors and citizens.
The programs at Portarata and Giardini will also take us back to the Roman times, whereas the venue for ancient sports and gladiator fights will be the magnificent Arena.

We invite you to taste and enjoy the ancient drink mulsum, costumed entertainment programs and relaxed atmosphere, because during the Days of Antiquity Pula will turn into a true ancient stage!



23rd PUF
July 1st – 5th 2017
International alternative theatre festival
Pula, Rojc and city squares

PUF is a festival of theatre differences and openness within a sincere theatre experience. It attracts different poetics, seeks new theatre directions and rallies artists and spectators round the idea of theatre. PUF establishes and stimulates dialogue and it gives a chance to polemics.

64th Pula Film Festival
July 15th – 22nd 2017
Feature film festival
Pula, Arena

For six decades, Pula has been the host of a grand film festival centred in the majestic Arena, a Roman amphitheatre from the 1st century. In addition to the latest films of Croatian production, you will also be able to watch hits from around the world in this appealing movie theatre under the star-studded sky.
This year’s festival will feature 20 films – some of the best achievements of international cinematography – taken from the programmes of eminent world festivals held in Venice, Cannes, Berlin, Rome and elsewhere. The films will be playing at Kaštel and at the Valli Cinema in the town centre over a period of two weeks.

Istra Inspirit: Crispo
July 21st 2017
Performance, Roman’s arrival
Medulin, Vižula

The year is 326, and Crispo has just returned from war to and his father, Constantine the Great, declares him his heir. Fausta, Crispo’s stepmother, tries to seduce him but does not succeed and decides to seek her revenge.
This play takes us into the world of Roman plots and intrigues, love, hate and revenge, followed by a feast of dishes made according to ancient Roman recipes.


Snail Festival
August 15th 2017
Gastronomic event
Pula, Galižana (Galessano)

Have you ever tasted snails? Snails has been used as food from ancient times in this small place in Istria. Snail festival takes place in Galižana – Gallesano every year.

42nd Tilting at the Ring (Trka na prstenac)
August 20th 2017
Traditional chivalrous competition

In 1696 Trka na prstenac (Tilting at the ring) was held for the first time in Barban. When Franjo Loredan organized this competition during the local fair, little did he know that he would be remembered for such an event. After 280 years this competition was revived, so that in 1976 the chivalrous competition was held once again in Barban. Tilting at the ring is organized on the next to last weekend in August. The gallop of horses, traditional folk costumes, clanking of old weapons, rider’s entourage are a history collection of memorable images for every visitor.

The competitors-Barban knights-in the three races and in less than 12 seconds, must „overcome“ a track long 150 meters and hit the ring with their lance. The ring consists of two concentric circles connected to form four sections. The hit in the  centre give three points, above the centre two, under the centre one and on sides half point. The rider, who scored the most points in three races, will be victorious competitor.

Croatia Bike Week
August 28th – September 3rd 2017
23nd bikers’ meeting
Pula, Monumenti

From the beggininigs, since 1995, manny visitors came for the whole week, even though the event was held only for the weekend, thus we made the logical decision to extend the patry to the whole week and so the Croatia Bike Week was established.

The idea is this: from monday 24. 08. various programs will be held in Pula and it’s sorroundings. Marked shops (partners) will give special discounts for bikers. Concerts will be held on various locations in the town (check the inof/program section of the page). Lots of stands will be offering their merchendise on the main location (Monumenti).

Organized meeting has an international character, and brings together visitors from all over Europe. It is ment for motorcycle enthusiasts of all types and manufacturers, but also people who enjoy good quality entertainment. The entrance to those who come with their motorcycles is free, and others will be charged fifty kuna. The ticket is valid for all days of the event.

For more than a decade, this event has been supported by the city of Pula, tourist office, companies, institutions, media and of course individuals. Reports from the meeting are being published in many foreign media, thus promoting Pula and Istria as an attractive tourist moto destination. Pula is a city that has become recognised troughout Europe as a biker friendly place, and every year more organized moto groups and individuals come to visit.


Run.Eat.Drink: Craft Beer Run
September 1st 2017
Sports and gastronomic event
Medulin, riva

The underlying theme of this hedonistic experience is blending two basic human needs: the need for food and movement.

All routes are circular, the length of 5 km, but is running at a distance of 10 km. You can apply individually to 10km, or relay in pairs, every 5 kilometers.

September 17th 2017
International triathlon endurance race

Ironman is one of a series of long distance triathlon races organised by the World Triathlon Corporation. The Ironman 70.3 series culminates each year with a World Championship competition, of which competitors qualify for during the 70.3 series in the 12 months prior to the championship race.